Beginning with parking services, our company, THREE STAR RENT A CAR, was founded in 2002 in Taksim as a shared enterprise of three brothers. It has become a fleet of 250 vehicles with the principles of quality service, customer satisfaction and honest work. THREE STAR RENT A CAR  delivers vehicles 7/24 at all the airports in Turkey continuously.



To be known as a branded company which always provides an honest, trouble-free, high quality and profitible service to its customers.


To become a national and worldwide company, which grows continuously in car rental sevices, offers safe, high quality, luxurious, equipped with modern-day technology vehicles with a guarantee of the best price.


To provide innovative and superior quality car rental service to our valued customers. All our team works hard to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and as a result we believe that our customers will always have the best quality of service.

Our company, THREE STAR RENT A CAR, which aims to please all of its customers, has established a quality policy with the following principles:

  • To keep the highest level of customer satisfaction with our product quality, before and after lease services
  • To offer the advantages of trouble-free rent a car services to our Turkish and foreign customers with our competent and experienced staff and the fleet of new cars at reasonable prices.
  • To provide you a superior quality of service by increasing the productivity of our emloyees with the help of training and motivation-enhancing activities.

We, THREE STAR RENT A CAR, aim to provide superior quality of service which can respond fully to the expectations of our valued customers. Your comments on the rental service we provide are very precious for us. Your feedback will give us an idea about our acquisition of business.

It will help us to find the answers to these questions: What should we improve? How can we provide higher quality of service? How can we determine your expectations beforehand?

You should absuletely tell your dissatisfaction if our service isn’t appropriate for your expectations, if our staff are impolite or if we can’t respond to your demands. In this way we can find out our mistakes and fix them immediately.

Please share your satisfaction with us if you are pleased with our service and staff. In this way our motivation and desire to give higher quality service to our customers will grow. Don’t forget to fill out our satisfied guestbook.

If you have a different opinion or comments, please let us know so that let’s become perfect together. Sincerely THREE STAR RENT A CAR


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